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Common Beliefs --True or False?

  • wheat bran is a laxative. False
  • riders impact a horses kidney, False   -

    "they[...the kidneys]are buried 8" deep, under muscles, ligaments and bone",the Horse Magazine

  • Tom Thumb Snaffle is a mild bit, False - John Lyons
  • Open horse/stock trailers are better than closed-in trailers, True - Horse Magazine
  • Best footing for long-haul trailering is peat moss, True - Horse Magazine
  • "Protective bandages and boots are usually unnecessary" [with regard to trailering horses editor] EQUUS Medical Editor, Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM. Apr, 2000, p.14
  • The safest fencing is electric tape fencing ,  True- The Horse Journal
  • If a horse wants to kick you you will not see it coming - True - Robert Miller, DVM (downloadable MPG file of a horse kicking a person)
  • People often blindfold their horses in pasture. False ! I've had a number of "newbie's" to horses who think that the horses's fly mask is solid and that the horse can't see!
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Equestrian is a small, personal and horse training business and riding club in Gilroy, Ca. (South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley) where owner/trainer Christine Amber trains horses and riders. Equestrian Training's focus is teaching adults and teems about, caring for, riding , keeping and owning horses as well as developing safe, strong, and sensible riding skills.  You can take  private riding lessons in English or Western Riding. You can join the riding club which emphasizes horses as a lifestyle that encompasses exercise, recreation, fun and a significant time commitment of three rides or group lesson a week.   Equestrian Training's horse training focuses on foundations that develop safety, relationship, willingness, obedience and balance in an athletic horse.