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Connie Arthur's

Lone Tree Farm

Connie and Liam
Photo Credit: Ed Lawrence

Christine Amber, MA
Certified in Horsemanship,
Instruction and Safety.


Christine & Brian

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Natural Equestrianess is
Naturalish Horse-personship
Natural Horsemanship

Debbie Dasker Photos and mine!!
Wearing....The hit-air safety vest

& Da Brim 4" Visor

Neubee and Christine at L
one Tree Farm,
Waterford, Ca

Bootz & Christine
Hi-Point Lone Tree farm, 08 & 11

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Offering Select Safety Products and Services
for Horses and Riders


HI! I'm Derby
??/??/?? - 12/26/2015
He was about 40 and the most wondeful, wonderful guy!

My sweetest little Roopie dog, ??/ - 2/18/13. Found under my deck and hit by a car, broken spine, tail, femur. She survived and lived a happy life with us for eight years.

2013 Sponsored Rider
Joseph McKinley

Champion @
Twin Rivers Ranch

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Site Description is Christine Amber's individualized natural-ish horsemanship equestrian services business in Gilroy, California (South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley)
., Offering Select Safety Products and Services for Horses and Riders. Christine Amber trains riders with a focus on learning about, caring for, riding, keeping and owning horses as well as developing safe, strong, and sensible riding skills.    EquestrianTraining's horse training focuses on foundations that develop safety, relationship, willingness, obedience and balance in an athletic horse.
Equestrian training is Natual-ish Horsmanship emboding the concepts of many other Natural Horsemen, Classical Horsemen and World Class Equestrians.