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What is Riding Club?

Riding Club is more than just riding, it is a life style. It is more than just a trot around the arena, it is all kinds of riding in all kinds of places while being safe becoming stronger and having fun. 

To participate in Riding Club, you must be able to catch and tack-up your horse with minimal help and supervision, as well as being ready-to-ride on time. The cost of riding is comparably inexpensive to encourage members to ride more often and to learn the lifestyle of keeping, riding and training horses

Riding club is a commitment to yourself and to your sport, equestrian training. It is a commitment to be around, work with, and ride horses three days a week. You will be taught skills and have the opportunity to practice those skills. Some times I will teach you from the ground, sometimes I will ride with you. We will work in the arena, or go for rides on the trail or on horse outings as a group, as safety permits.

Riding club is not just about riding, it is all about horses and caring for them. It is about health care, maintenance and responsibility, as well as fun and recreation. Some tasks that you will perform as part of riding club are:

  • catching and grooming horses
  • mounted games
  • cleaning and putting away the tack you use
  • tacking the horse you ride
  • learning correct riding skills and techniques
  • helping to clean up and maintain the tack room
  • ground lunging and training
  • wiping down or washing your horse after you ride
  • helping to feed and clean up after the horses you ride

Riding club meets for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours three days a week. When we go on trail rides or activities we are usually gone the whole day. Off-site activities are planned every other month, and trail rides at least every month, safety permitting.

Horse care doesn't stop when the weather changes, when school is in session or when you have a job deadline. Whether you keep a horse at home or you board it, it must eat and be taken care of, even on the days when you are busy. Club is a good way to "test the water" to see if horse ownership is something you really want to do or something that you really have the time to do.


Rainy-day, Hot-day Riding Club. Horses don't melt when it rains or cook when it's too hot to ride, riding club doesn't go away, either. On these days we will have lessons such as: taking and recording vital signs, inspecting manure for sand, horse trailering a-z, building bridles, wrapping for first aid, extended grooming -- clipping, mane and tail braiding, dosing paste wormers, fitting tack breast-collars-to-risers, poisonous plants, comparison shopping, watching video's on many aspects of equestrian training, composing and taking knowledge tests.


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