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Me and Pickle Felt Lake
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Some of the people who are part of


here is Brian riding Jackson at
Lonetree Farm.


my favorite student, is also my husband. Here he is riding on the beach with his wife, me, in Portugal.  You can't see me, but I am riding a lovely, grey Lusitano mare, named Mistral

She is on a lovely Welsh Cob and I am on, Polo, an

Argentine Polo Pony cum eventer.

Amber, my best friend,

riding with me in Wales, at the Equestrian Centre.

This is Jeffer,  my Son who teaches Kinesiology at SJSU

he is by far the most experienced rider in club!!Okay, I admit it, we are related!



hmmm who could this be?

I am not the best at getting pictures taken and posted, but I hope to improve!


Robin and I at Connie's Lone Tree Farm in Waterfod. I am jumping

Robin's mare Nita, and Robin is riding Teri's mare MeShy.

I just love the smiles on the next one!

Sparky and Piper

Sparky is a cute paint gelding that I helped my client, Piper, buy.  He was 8 years old and a real cutie.  Here you see him playing with Jackson, our  thoroughbred.  Piper  now lives in San Luis Obispo. It was Sept 11,2001 when I hauled him to SLO, I remember listening to the radio the whole way in dis belief at the terrorist attack.


This is Cobi, at Windance Farm in Pescadero. She won her Division in the schooling horse trials on her very first show!


Cady and Beauty

This is Beauty, my school pony.  Beauty was given to Cady.  They made the cutest couple ever.  Beauty is retired now, but a better disposition in a pony you can not find.




Beau was sold to David Accord and did alot more eventing.

Jenni''s first horse Banner.

Cheryl and Bubba.

This is Ashley and Amos our big Percheron; she is practicing her leg yield.

This is Kelly and Bootz; my Bootz.

Elaine and Fancy That!

Mikey, sold to the Huntmaster's Wife of the LAH This horse belonged to Judy, I can't remember his name. a Draft cross going nicely here.

Vici and Pepe @ Windance Farm

This is Ruby, this was Corinna's first horse. This is desensitizing with a mylar pompom

This is Ruby under saddle

Magic Red Boy the best horse I think I have ever ridden; here in a clinic with Brian Sabo


This is me "falling off" pico on the trail.

Peppers Spirit; we called her Puzzle Mare. She is the dam of Peanut, the mare I gave to Rick Wilkenson.


Cameron the Fresian Stallion
From Claymore Clydesdales -  Owner Cindy Councell

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Equestrian is a small, personal  horse training barn and riding club in Gilroy, Ca. (South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley) where owner/trainer Christine Amber trains horses and riders. Equestrian Training's focus is teaching adults and teems about, caring for, riding , keeping and owning horses as well as developing safe, strong, and sensible riding skills.  You can take  private riding lessons in English or Western Riding. You can join the riding club which emphasizes horses as a lifestyle that encompasses exercise, recreation, fun and a significant time commitment of three rides or group lesson a week.   Equestrian Training's horse training focuses on foundations that develop safety, relationship, willingness, obedience and balance in an athletic horse.