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Forms to Share Page

This page has links to various forms that I use.  The farms are works in progress, as often when I use them, I think of something new to add, and I edit them. 

The link is a Portable Document Format, .pdf file, of the form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free downloadable for viewing and printing pdf files.  If you would like the source to one of my files, email me. 

Purchase Questions

This is a list of questions that should be used to glean information before buying.  There are no right answers, except : "The horse I want is safe and sound for the intended purpose I have in mind".  That said, you must ascertain if the horse is serviceable for your purposes.

 I think school horses and first horses should be older horses, and if they have some slight lameness, that is usually acceptable for learning.  However, if you have great aspirations and high goals, then your prospective horse should be suitable to do what you want when you buy it, unless you are comfortable selling and moving up, or having more than one horse.


This is a list for packing and checking things before you trailer.  If you would like the source in word, framemaker or text please email me. 

I also teach a trailer clinic which is in two parts. The first part examines all the aspects of a trailer, of your trailer, or my trailer.  Then using years of experience, loading and traveling, I will explain caused for common injuries to people, horses and how to avoid them.  The trailer is a dangerous place becuase it is closed-in.  I very rarely will go into a trailer with a 1000 animal.  I teach all my animals to quietly go in alone.  The time is training could save the time of a life time!  Email me if you are interested in a trailer clinic.

BayArea Equestrian Network is a great place for sharing forms.