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Orientation to Equestrian Training and Intro to Horses

  • Looking for a Great Gift Idea  for a Horse Lover or Horse Crazy Kid?

  • Are you a parent trying to hurry up and learn about horses or just trying to keep your child safe?

Give the gift of Knowledge.

The Equestrian Training Classes can be geared toward an individual of any age or toward a small  group.  We spend about 1 1/2 to 2 hours discussing all the in's and out's of keeping horses:

      • What they eat
      • How much do they eat
      • What kind of care do they require
      • How often do they need health care and what is the average cost
      • How do you approach a horse you do not know
      • What is a herd anyway and why do they act like that?

These are just some of the topics covered in the Introduction.  Price is adjusted for slightly larger groups.

Call 408.888.8703 or email to schedule your Orientation!

Horse training and riding lessons in Gilroy,

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Equestrian is a small, personal  horse training barn and riding club in Gilroy, Ca. (South San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley) where owner/trainer Christine Amber trains horses and riders. Equestrian Training's focus is teaching adults and teems about, caring for, riding , keeping and owning horses as well as developing safe, strong, and sensible riding skills.  You can take  private riding lessons in English or Western Riding. You can join the riding club which emphasizes horses as a lifestyle that encompasses exercise, recreation, fun and a significant time commitment of three rides or group lesson a week.   Equestrian Training's horse training focuses on foundations that develop safety, relationship, willingness, obedience and balance in an athletic horse.